Greed is good

The Internship comes too an end and I got a very good impression of Northern Ireland and I know that I don’t like the pounds.

I was very carefully with my money even if I got enough budget I wanted to save as much money as possible and it was a success I didn’t spend to much into anything and I was able to save my money even if many things are more expensive than in Germany. I’ve got a good time in Belfast but I look forward to be back in Germany. I miss Berlin and I really start to miss my friends in Berlin. I like the pepole in Belfast they are very kind and there are a few things that I’ll miss but that nothing compared to the things that I miss in Berlin. The last weekend just begun and I hope that it will be a nice weekend and that I’ll have some fun but there are still things left to do I need to send a parcel to Germany and I would like to buy some souvenirs befor I went back and I want to that this weekend. I hope that I’ll get everything I need.

I’ll see you in Berlin 🙂

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