No warm water on Saturday

Last Saturday our landlord turn of the warm water and locked the heater so we couldn’t turn it back on. Sebastian wanted to take a shower and noticed it.
He callled Intern Europe and hoped they could help us but they just told him that he would need to call the landlord. After the call with Intern Europe Sebastian was pissed because he though that the agancy would help us with that kind of problems. Sebastian asked if he could use my phone to call the landlord because he wanted to do that so I gave him my phone and he called the landlord he told him the reason why he turned of the warm water it was because we have to turn of the heater we though that it would turn of automaticly because nobody told us how the heater works and what we have to do. Lucky for us the landlord was fair and turned the warm water back on after an hour. Sebastian called Mrs. Freaney to tell her what happend and that we everything is ok. We  could finally take a shower and then we went to boojum where we ate a borrito again and as usual it was very tasty. 🙂

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