Useing an MacBook with Windows

I’m useing a MacBook Pro on my work placement at the moment and I’m not happy with it, not because I hate Apple products or reasons like that, but I have to use a MacBook with a Windows Installation on it and that combination sucks.
I’ve got so much troubles with that, for example after I start the computer and the RJ45 is pluged in I have an Internet connection for about an hour until the network driver crash, that is an problem that I’ve got every day.
First I though I could simply disable the Network adapter and turn it back on but no that dose not work because It dose not change the status after the driver crached and this status is always limited no matter what I do the status don’t change even if i disconnect the RJ45 plug the status stays on limited until I restart the computer. I googled the problem and found a similar problem which is caused by 100 mbit/s network cards and can be solved if you change the setting for speed and duplex of the network card from „automatic“ to „100 Mbit/s full duplex“. I tried this but of course it dose not work with that network card.

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