Almost not at the appartement

This weekend was the last one here in Belfast and it was full of activities. Ok at Friday I was a little bit lazy and didn’t went out with the others. 

On Saturday we went as usual to the St. Georges Market and at this day we were a bigger group than the last week. So Tristan, Hendrik, Marcel, Lukas, Gerrit, Sebastian and I went for the last time at our internship to the market. I ate the delicious burger like the last weekend, because it was very tastefully and at this day I took a picture for you. Now you can get your own impression.

After that we went to Lidl and shopped some groceries as usual too. On the way back we stopped at Maggies May to drink an awesome milkshake. Then the important thing for me happened. Christelle send me a message and asked if it is possible to meet her at the City Center. For sure it is possible for me said I to her, because I wanted to meet her again and she answered my request. Finally we met us in front of Laverys, because it easier to find each other. Then we walked through the city and looked for a possibility to drink a coffee together. We talked a lot about everything while we enjoyed our tastefully coffee. It is so easy to talk to her and makes every time a lot of fun. During my meetings with her I got a feeling, which was indescribable and I really missed it for a longer time. I thought I wouldn’t have this nice feeling no more in my life. But like a German proverb… in the end will everything good and it is not good it isn’t the end. Or… Hope will dies in the end. Both of them describe the situation perfectly. What I wanted to tell you is that I really felt in love…
Ok she has a boyfriend since one year, but I didn’t know that before we met us this Saturday. For sure I accepted too that our relation would be a Mission Impossible, not only why we both have a different first language rather more she lives in Belfast and my home is in Berlin. That is life, but thinks positive. One positive effect is that I found one woman, who got me this special feeling. That is why I am looking forward to the future that I will find another woman in Berlin as well, but I will never forget her.
After my appointment with Christelle I straightly went to Hendrik and Tristan, because at this day was the DFB cup, where Bayern against Dortmund played. So we watched the game together and had a great time. It was very funny for me, because Hendrik supports Bayern and Tristan supports Dortmund. That is why every single chance was celebrating of one of these both. Nice special atmosphere. Thank you guys that I got the chance to watched the game with you.
After the game was finished we played several rounds poker (Texas Holdem) and Lukas joined us.
In the end I lose first so I got no luck with the love and I got also no luck by the game. That was very sad. =)
Nevertheless it was an awesome evening or night, because we was able to speak mostly the whole evening in English.
On Sunday Gino and I went to the City Picnic, it is one of the best burger shops here in Belfast but also expensive too. It was little bit lucky that we were there, because Gino had a little sour head and only wanted to go to Build a Burger, which isn’t a long way. But Build a Burger is closed at Sunday so we got the opportunity to go to City Picnic, which I preferred.


The sun was still shining on Sunday. That is why I wanted to play basketball. So I picked up Hendrik and Tristan and we went to the Ormeau Park to play a little bit. It made a lot of fun, not only because Tristan is very good player but more it was great to enjoying the sun.

OMG I didn’t wanted to write a long article like this, but it happened automatically.
We will see each other soon.

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