Last weekend / Review – City Picnic

Hey there,

it was the last weekend in Belfast, so we had to celebrate the last week. My health is quite good. On Thursday I finished my Penicillin therapy. So I was able to drink some alcohol this weekend.

At the end of this article, you can find a litte review of „the best burger shop in Belfast“.


On Friday, I went to Marlon and Robert. There we drank some alcohol, until Lukas, Tristan and Hendrik joined. Altogether we went to our favourite Pub „Weatherspoon“ (Free House). There we ordered some Sambuca shots and pitchers. After the shots and pitchers, we left the Pub. The most of us were very exhausted, so we went home.

In the night, Marlon wanted to talk with me. We met at my accommodation and talked about many things the whole night. It is very nice to talk with Marlon. Our day ended at 5 am on Saturday.


Saturday evening, Robert, Marlon and I watched the football match Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund. During penalties at the end, we played a litte drinking game. We had to drink at every goal of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. It was very funny.

After the football match, we went to „Weatherspoon“ (Free House) again. Robert, Marlon and I ordered a pitcher of Sex on the beach. At 12 am, we left the Pub and drank at the accommodation of Marlon and Robert more alcohol. Our night ended at 4 am on Sunday.


My Sunday started at 2 pm. Henny asked me to eat a burger. I wanted to go to Build a burger, but this shop is close at every Sunday. Henny convinced me to go to „City Picnic“. He said: „It’s the best burger shop in Belfast“.

As you can see in the picture below, the burger looks very tasty. But it wasn’t enough for me, I ordered a Cheeseburger with a coke and a salad. I paid £10 for the meal. So I wasn’t sated and ordered another burger for £5. After this burger I wanted to order another salad or burger, because I wasn’t sated after my second burger. But the burgers were so expensive there and we decided to go home.


The burger was very tasty, but expensive. The meal wasn’t sating for me, because the burger and the salad was so small. I paid £15 for the whole meal. At Build a burger you only pay about £7 and you are really sated, actually me. So this was my last visit at this burger shop, but I want to go to Build a burger before our flight back to Germany again.

Tester: Gino Naumann
Testing date: 22/05/16
Tested Shop: City Picnic
Rate: 2/5


Maybe I should review other shops in Belfast, but unfortunately it is too late. 🙁


That’s it.
See you!

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