It’s not inside…. believe me :)

It’s the 21st of May 2016. We’re waiting for a great game this season in the German football.

It’s time for the „el classico“ in Germany. Bayern is playing against Dortmund in the DFB cup final. Every team has a good chance to win the game.

We want to watch the game in the Laverys, the only pub that will stream this game in whole Belfast. The other ones shows a boring FA cup final 😉 While arriving there it was still full and the TV has a bad quality.It’s worse than the first TV Robert and Marlon bought at the beginning of our NI visit. So we decided to watch at home on our Laptop. There the quality was quite good like you would expect it during a final match.

Tristan supports Dortmund and me Bayern. Fortunately Bayern wins on penalties. They had deserved the win because they had more chances to score a goal. So it would be very undeserved if Dortmund had won the game.


If you want to see more Bayern wins look this. It’s amazing:


See ya 🙂

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