Saying goodbye to Belfast

We’re in the last week now and it’s Thursday already that means I have to say goodbye.

Tomorrow is the last Workday I’m not sure how tomorrow will look like but I know I still have to do a small presentation like a review to the Internship at Niamh, maybe I’ll do that today.

What I also know is that I’ll be very glad to be back in Berlin it was a good time in Belfast but I miss Germany, my friends and my mother .. (a bit :P) no just kidding.

Of course I’ll also miss my colleges at Belfast but I look forward to see my colleges at Germany too.
Also I look forward to have a whole week vacation to relax a bit and to spend some time with my friends. I hope for good weather in Berlin at least for the Weekend because I’ve heard about a thunderstorms on Monday. 🙁

Hopefully I’ve heard a wrong information and we got sunshine and warm weather if we’re back.

Now I want to let you now what my final toughs about the two months are.

My English speaking and understanding dose improve a lot and I could get a good view of another country.
It was very interesting for me to stay abroad for two months but I have to say there was a few things which was just annoying, for example to share a room and a shower for two months that was the worst to me but I’ve met very friendly people and could see Belfast and now I’m glad that it comes to an end and I can see Germany again. Overall it was a good experience. 😀


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