The latest tasks

The Internship slowly comes to an end and now there are still some things to do.

In the last week everything starts to get stressful to me because I know I have to be done with everything until Saturday.
Lucky for me I’m done with the most things already but I still have to pack some things to my bag before the flight. The problem about that is that I still need some things in Belfast and I can’t pack them yet also I hate flights, but not because I afraid of flying but because the check in at the airport. For me the check in at airports is way to stressful and I don’t like that I’m glad if I sit on my seat in the plane. 🙂

I decided to leave some things in Belfast because it’s cheaper to buy them new when I’m back in Berlin then to sent a package.
I’ll just throw them in the trash or maybe I’ll find somebody who needs them but my bag is already full.

I look forward to be back in Berlin but I’ll miss Belfast a bit. I hope I can find a burrito as good as at Boojum in Berlin because I really liked them. 🙁

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