Back in Berlin

That is my last blog entry and  I am very happy to be back at home. In the last 8 weeks I met a lot of new people, I had funny conversation and a good time but also some of my hardest because I couldn’t see my family and friends except from my parents because they visited me. I learned some new things over in Belfast and a met such good people. I already mentioned that this will be my last blog entry so I have to thank some people again. I am really thankful to had such a good team at Capita every single one of my colleagues were absolutely helpful and friendly. I also want to thank the “Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung” and the EU Office in my school (OSZ IMT) that was only possible with them. All I can say is the journey was worth it, I am really thankful to had the opportunity to be aboard. I will never forget that and what people have done for me in the time there.

So finally I am back in Berlin and the first thing I did was to eat with my family. My mom cooked and I slept a little bit and watched some TV. After I ate I met a lot of friends in a restaurant and we talked about everything that happened to both of us in the whole time I was away from them. It was really good to be around with good friends after such a long time, we spend the whole evening together and just talked. The first day was quite strange because I needed some time to enjoy everything, maybe it was just because I was awake for over 24 hours. I am still really happy to be home again and as a last sentence as a good friend of me would say because I am back home now “more time with family and friends“