The Giant’s Causeway tour

The Saturday is coming and we started at 8:30 AM to the Bus, met Phillip and Dominik. We met Rene at the Bus station. Phillip took the tickets from the Ticket shop. We went to the Bus and heard a man who call “Giant’s Causeway Tour, here” we go to him and waited there. At the entrance of the bus the bus driver told us we are wrong. We requested the men and he told us that we booked at another Bus company. We went fast to the other Bus because he wants to start at this moment.

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Back in Berlin

Yesterday we all had to went back to Berlin. My bag I packed the day before because my alarm clock was ringing at 3:30am the next day. Konrad and I carried our bags down and deducted the bed linen. Our taxi came at 4:30am but before I „destroyed“ the rest of the food from the fride. The taxi was on time and after we picked up Philipp, we went straight to the airport. Our flight was a little faster than planned, so I landed at 12am in Berlin and ate a kebap whit two friends where I regulary eat it.
The two months in Belfast were really relaxing. The people there showed understanding and had a certain calmness.
Today, I had school and tomorrow we will have a english exam. I am curious how it will run, since I should hold a small presentation about me.