Sixth Week Of Work At Locate a Locum

Guys, do you remember I told you about my task designing/ building a „About Us“ site? Not only I was able to finish it this week, I also finished the next task designing/ building a „FAQ“ site as well! This work week has been one of the best ones by far! Very happy and proud about the results!

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Fourth Week Of Work at Locate a Locum

This blogpost is dedicated to the actual reason of this whole internship – my work at Locate a Locum. Actually it’s also the best part of the internship so far. I love everything about it. The team, the very modern and well-tended co-working space, the atmosphere and my work itself – exactly what I wished for this internship.

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First week at Locate a Locum

Let’s start to talk about the first week of my work and internship at Locate a Locum. What should I say? This is definitely the best part of the stay abroad so far till now. Seriously! I’m impressed. I got so lucky with the small but very lovely and productive team. I’ve learned so much in just a couple of days already! This is also because of working very closely with my amazing colleague Paul for sure. He’s just a front-end genius and what’s even much better about him: He loves to teach people and has created even an own course for the very famous coding teaching platform Codecademy, which I love and worked many times with it!

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Let’s start this chapter!

Well, finally here I’m – or let’s just say better: Here is my first official blogpost! After having a shocking first day, followed by a better second one and if you believe or not, finishing a really satisfying third day, I’m in the perfect state of mind to write all my impressions and emotions down about the last two days.

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