Ingress and pub touer

Hooray, it’s finally weekend!

When I was on the way back home I had spontaneously arranged a meeting with Dominik to eat something. On my way I bought some bacon since we wanted to cook some fried potatoes. When I arrived at his house, we immediately started cooking and finally ate relaxed together. It was really good to see another face under the week. Because all the others went to Philipp to play Monopoly, Dominik and I went there too. From the outside we could hear them laugh. There were René, Max, Konrad and of course Philipp. We enjoyed the evening but hadn’t played Monopoly.

On saturday (the 17th), Dominik and I met again because he wanted to accompany me on my eight km Ingress Tour. This time we started at the Queen’s University, went through Belfast and at least to the Titanic Museum. For our tour we needed four hours and luckily the weather was optimally sunny but not to warm.

After this we met with the others because René planned a little Pub Tour. The first Pub was really full so we decided to go to the next one. There we spent some time before we went to another Pub and there we had much fun too! All in one it was a really great evening!

Today, on sunday it was warm. I tried to play something on my notebook but then left it. At last I decided to lay down in bed and watch the series „Guardians of the galaxy“.

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Tour to Dublin

On saturday nearly all members of our group came with us to Dublin. Around eight o’clock we met near Great Victoria street to take the bus. Luckily Dominik was so kind and bought the tickets last wednesday. Many thanks again! The bus drive lasted approximately two and a half hours and actually Dominik and I wanted to take a nap meanwhile but as so often we talked to much. The ride was very pleasant and there were always nice views of the landscape.

As we arrived in Dublin we first walked a bit around but a little later Philipp and I split up from the group to play Ingress. Because we had played we walked much and saw many things. Actually, you can also view the game as a kind of travel guide. As we walked, I quickly noticed clear differences between Dublin and Belfast; Dublin is much bigger and in my opinion clearly european, moreover you can notice it is full of tourists. Due to this I like Belfast much more. In the evening we all met again and went to eat at a korean restaurant before we went back to Belfast.

Back home the evening wasn’t over yet. Some of the group members came to Konrads and my house to drink something. In the end we all talked so much that it was very late and René decided to sleep at our house.

The sunday I spent (more or less wanted) almost completly with sleeping. Sometimes it has to be like this, right?

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Weekend Tour

Like the last weekend I was on tour to play Ingress. This time I drove on saturday to Lisburn; the place Konrad and I are knowing because of the ride in the express train. As I arrived I was surprised because I heard loud music and suddenly a carnival-like parade passed me. I decided to follow the masses of people to the Wallace park. There were a few old timer exhibited and there was even a big fair. Over the cordoned road drove behind the bandwagon some new and old military wagons followed by some people dressed up as dinosaurs. As it turned out later it was the „Mayor’s Carnival Parade and Family Fun Day“ event. The rest of the day I explored Lisburn and at the evening I drove home.

On sunday (the 22th) I wanted to explore another corner of Belfast and so I was heading to the Ormeau park which is on the other side of the Lagan. Apart from the heavy rain in between times the park is very big and beautiful. There I spended some hours before I was heading in the direction to the Titanic Quarter. I past some monuments, the Titanic and some wall paintings which adorn the streets. A while later I was a bit shocked because I almost arrived at the airport George Best. According to Google maps the whole way to the airport is about 5,6 miles(!) but I am sure my way was even longer because I had taken a few detours because of Ingress. All I can say is that I was a total of seven hours on foot.

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Again friday

Today it’s friday again. The time here in Ireland is running so fast. The last days wasn’t much to do, so I had time for my private projects on my servers. At work the 3D printer still prints the whole day. This time Konrad and I printed the bottom part of a Groot figure. Groot is a charakter of the movie „Guardians of the galaxy“ and it looks like bark of a tree or even a little tree but without the treetop and branches. I never thought this will turn out so great!

Yesterday I thought about cleaning the office because it looked like a real nerd home. The whole tables were filled with computer parts and a lot of computers. As we cleaned all up our colleague Gareth was very glad. If I could be always this motivated…

After lunch we drove together with our colleague Gareth to the Ulster museum because we had to check the beamer, some displays and computers for an upcoming event.

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Relaxed monday

After I played Ingress and explored Belfast almost the whole weekend; a new week starts. Luckily on mondays the museum is closed for public. Arrived at work we first talked a long time about the still available construction site at home in our bathroom. Alone that would be an article worth. Later that day as we were on our way to the supermarket, Konrad and I randomly came on the subject to buy a new soundsystem for our home, but suddenly our colleagues were so nice to lend us one from their stock. Now we can listen to music from our laptop without the tinny quality. After lunchtime we drove together with a colleague to the Ulster museum to finish some tasks. The first task was only to change the SD card in one of the information tables. As the next task we updated the AntiVirus software on some computers because of the malware known from the weekend. After we had all done our colleague was so nice to bring us home, even the Ulster museum isn’t far away from that. We used the remaining free time to shop and cook some food. Before the day was finally over I had some time to also install some updates on my windows and I could even work on one of my projects.

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My 24km tour through Belfast

Yesterday we all met at Max’s and Dominik’s house and cooked noodles with tomato sauce. It was a relaxed evening and very nice to be with almost all members of the group and talking about the experience of our work. Today on saturday 13th we all met and walked to the Saint George’s market. There you can buy clothes, food, music, pictures and more. After we walked a round over the market we split up and I took my own way to play Ingress. For those who don’t know what Ingress is: Ingress is an augmented reality game where two groups are fighting against each other worldwide. One team is green (the illuminated) and the other team is blue (the resistance). The aim is that each factions are trying to conquer as much terretory as possible under so-called control fields, which are built between portals. Portals can be found at real existing attractions, statues, buildings and cultural places and must be found with help of gps coordinates and the scanner app of the player. So I started my tour through Belfast to capture some unique ones. On my way I walked along the River Lagan, over the Victoria Square, the city centre and so on. Particularly the side streets are very interesting because of the many graffitis. In my opinion the city acts more happy and seems more atractive because of them. Sometime I was really exhausted and sleepy so I headed back to my house and realised that I walked about seven hours and 24km.

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