The second half kick-off

Has it already been four weeks? It doesn’t feel like it. I feel like it’s the second week… There is room for different interpretations for this statement. The first one is the optimistic one. If time goes by fast, it means you are enjoying yourself. The second one is rational. If this feels like a second week, what have I actually accomplished the last two weeks? The third interpretation can be made based on my prior articles on this site. If I have no sense of spatial orientation, I could also have no temporal orientation. That’s fair, but I would tend to believe the first two theses. „The second half kick-off“ weiterlesen

No hotels anymore

Yesterday I decided to go the Ulster Museum. The entry to the Ulster Museum is near the Botanic Garden. The surprise was that the Ulster Museum has no entry cost and it was quite busy there. The museum is divided in Art, History, Science, History of Belfast and nature. It is unbelievable, I think they have a huge collection of everything. The most interesting place was the Science area where „No hotels anymore“ weiterlesen