The Giant’s Causeway tour

The Saturday is coming and we started at 8:30 AM to the Bus, met Phillip and Dominik. We met Rene at the Bus station. Phillip took the tickets from the Ticket shop. We went to the Bus and heard a man who call “Giant’s Causeway Tour, here” we go to him and waited there. At the entrance of the bus the bus driver told us we are wrong. We requested the men and he told us that we booked at another Bus company. We went fast to the other Bus because he wants to start at this moment.

We started then the tour to the first stop. At the tour the Bus driver made a lot of jocks and tall us funny things about North Ireland. We stop at first at the Giant’s Causeway. We walked the way down. For sure it is possible to take the bus down. But we said “We are Young, we can walk”. We walked down and saw a lot of nice cause and the ocean. It was very windy and a bit cold. We climbed some rocks but I am a bit careful. We walked them back to the Bus.

The next station was “The Old Bushmills Distillery”. We were only in the shop and watch out for a souvenir. I bought a Bushmills bottle opener for my dad. Some other of us watched out for real Bushmills whiskey. After the Distillery we started to the next station. The next station was a little cause city. The Bus driver recommended us the ice-cream and we bought it. The ice was ok. After a short break we went back to the bus. Another big stop was a bridge on the coast. We can access there a bridge but it was for us to expensive. We walk only around and made some photos. The last stop was then on a castle. It was only a 5 minute stop but I saw my Boss from my work placement. What a coincidence. After the tour we went home and relax a bit.

Konrad visit us then on the evening and we watch some movies together.