The last days I learned so much about 3D modelling so, I started the creation of a Raspberry 3 case. Ok, it’s true if you’re searching for Raspberry cases in the internet you find a lot but can you find a case that holds a Raspberry and the VGA board?

Sure I didn’t started from zero. First I searched for a case that look like a mini computer and then redesigned it. Additionally I attached the „NMPI“ logo for the museum. It looks me two days for the creation and the printer firstly printed approximately four hours and for the next part it needed even more time.

Otherwise the work is relaxed and the weather cools slowly down again.

New thinclients

New thin-clients

Yesterday it was planned to change the thin-clients in the warehouse and in the Ulster museum. The last days our colleagues worked on creating a system image for this. After they were done we first went to the warehouse which is located in the harbour area. Because there store expensive and rare things our visit had to be registered before. We changed the clients but when we startet the virtual desktop we suddenly had an error. We only got a black screen. Unfortunately we couldn’t fix the problem, so we drove to the Ulster museum. As soon as we changed the client we got the same problem.

Today our colleagues searched in the internet for a solution. They found information’s about the compability of the versions and discovered that the software was to new. Therefore, they created a new image and after that we drove again to the warehouse and the Ulster museum for changing the thin-clients. Finally there were no problem!

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Ingress and pub touer

Hooray, it’s finally weekend!

When I was on the way back home I had spontaneously arranged a meeting with Dominik to eat something. On my way I bought some bacon since we wanted to cook some fried potatoes. When I arrived at his house, we immediately started cooking and finally ate relaxed together. It was really good to see another face under the week. Because all the others went to Philipp to play Monopoly, Dominik and I went there too. From the outside we could hear them laugh. There were René, Max, Konrad and of course Philipp. We enjoyed the evening but hadn’t played Monopoly.

On saturday (the 17th), Dominik and I met again because he wanted to accompany me on my eight km Ingress Tour. This time we started at the Queen’s University, went through Belfast and at least to the Titanic Museum. For our tour we needed four hours and luckily the weather was optimally sunny but not to warm.

After this we met with the others because René planned a little Pub Tour. The first Pub was really full so we decided to go to the next one. There we spent some time before we went to another Pub and there we had much fun too! All in one it was a really great evening!

Today, on sunday it was warm. I tried to play something on my notebook but then left it. At last I decided to lay down in bed and watch the series „Guardians of the galaxy“.

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