The tale of Dominik B., King of Dublin

Once upon a time, a reckless group of German interns residing in Belfast decided to visit Dublin. It was a cold Saturday morning but they were all very excited for the trip. Their vehicle arrived early and it took only around 2 hours until they arrived in Dublin. But they were fools and did not make any plans on what to do in Dublin! So they just started to walk down the large road. They did not know their journey would take some unexpected turns… „The tale of Dominik B., King of Dublin“ weiterlesen

Tour to Dublin

On saturday nearly all members of our group came with us to Dublin. Around eight o’clock we met near Great Victoria street to take the bus. Luckily Dominik was so kind and bought the tickets last wednesday. Many thanks again! The bus drive lasted approximately two and a half hours and actually Dominik and I wanted to take a nap meanwhile but as so often we talked to much. The ride was very pleasant and there were always nice views of the landscape.

As we arrived in Dublin we first walked a bit around but a little later Philipp and I split up from the group to play Ingress. Because we had played we walked much and saw many things. Actually, you can also view the game as a kind of travel guide. As we walked, I quickly noticed clear differences between Dublin and Belfast; Dublin is much bigger and in my opinion clearly european, moreover you can notice it is full of tourists. Due to this I like Belfast much more. In the evening we all met again and went to eat at a korean restaurant before we went back to Belfast.

Back home the evening wasn’t over yet. Some of the group members came to Konrads and my house to drink something. In the end we all talked so much that it was very late and René decided to sleep at our house.

The sunday I spent (more or less wanted) almost completly with sleeping. Sometimes it has to be like this, right?

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Off we go, way to the south

We came back recently from Dublin and it really was an interesting adventure.

The tour started at 8:30 a.m which is very early concerning it is Saturday.None the less we all gathered at the right time, and went for a 2h journey in the bus. Enough time for me to take a quick nap. „Off we go, way to the south“ weiterlesen