Now what? (How to end a blog)

23 blog entries later, what is there left for me to talk about? Writing a blog about the gym was the first symptom of me running out of ideas. The last article about my work was also grasping at straws. But this is the last article, no need to be creative. Everybody knows what to expect of a last article. A clean, honest review of the internship. I’ll try to make it not too boring. „Now what? (How to end a blog)“ weiterlesen

A day with our girls

The biggest part or of group was going to have the same tour I had with my mom a few weeks ago to the Giant’s Causeway. And so I asked Marie and Pegah if they had any plans for today. They both didn’t had anything to do in particular, and so we met for ourselves and had a very fun day.

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Let’s go to the gym (Do you even lift?)

Pegah already said it in one of her most recent articles: There is not much to do during the week, after work. Of course there is always the option to relax at home, but doing sport can also be a good way to take your mind off things. I’m regularly visiting a gym back in Berlin and when Pegah told me about PureGym in Belfast I was on board right away. Over these past weeks I lost my confidence in my sportiness. These half-an-hour-classes at PureGym made me lose my stable stance (I got used to sore legs by now) and my pride.
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Understanding and speaking Belfastian

I was really cocky the first few weeks. I thought I understood the Belfastians very well. I understood Sean, Josh and the most of the other people in the bureau very clearly. But then, this one Clarity guy appeared and my ego was put to rest. I did not grasp any of what this man said at all. Gladly, he talked to Sean and/or Stuart (boss of DATACTICS) most of the time. I can still see myself: standing in close proximity, smiling, nodding and acting like I’m understanding every word. I faked it well. „Understanding and speaking Belfastian“ weiterlesen

time, where are you and why are you running away??

I’ve just realized that from today we will have another 3 weeks here and that’s it for us in Ireland. Never would I have imagined that time can fly by so fast.

Today was my lazy day… again, but at some point I need a little off of everything. Just sleep long, not doing much and enjoy the day as it is. A few day ago I had a little talk with a cashier about the Marvel Universe ( a comic universe about superheros/-villains) and she told me a few things I did not know about some characters. So I took my time and watched a few movies to keep up with the lore.

I know, this is not how I was supposed to spend my time here, but after all I still have some time left, and also I planed on doing it anyways. So hey, I did everything I wanted. And I think this is the most important thing in life: do what you want so that you can grow.

By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t put any pictures or videos in my last posts, but I just haven’t seen any opportunity to make some pictures that I want to show.


A short update

Well, I am thinking hard about what to write, but there is not much to write about. The last few days were very quiet and we hadn’t much to do. I wish I could write some more interesting things, but sadly it’s rather silent here.

But the good thing is we planned a tour to Dublin in the coming days, so that will definitely be another adventure.I’m really looking forward to it.

In the meantime we are still testing our 3d printer to its limits. Also, we plan on moving it to our office, because the way it is now, the airflow of the open door could let the print cool down to fast creating a wrapped up surface and damaging the whole print.

So yeah, that’s basically it. Let’s see what the future has to offer.

How friendly is Belfast?

This is another requested matter, this time it’s something I am qualified to comment on. I’ve witnessed random acts of kindness. It think it was yesterday when I saw and heard a woman warning another woman about the dog poop she was about to walk in to. They didn’t know each other. Last week I saw an elderly man in the distance, he fell over and it took mere seconds for the people nearby to rush to him and help him up. The important aspect is not that somebody helped him up, but that everybody near him was immediately concerned. „How friendly is Belfast?“ weiterlesen