The Last day on work

The day start at the morning and I know today is my last day.

My boss came to me early at the morning. He requests me for reinstall the MacBook with a new Hard Drive as one of my last tasks. I think ok this should be no problem. I try to undo the screws. All was good but the last screw was a bit too weird and I can’t undo it. But after some minutes I undo it successful and open the case. It was no problem to set the new hard drive in. Now began the search for an image. I request my colleague’s but no one had a mac image. I searched in the internet but I can only have found Updates and „How to make an Image out of your running system” I don’t have a running system at this moment. The old hard drive was broken before my boss gave me the MacBook. After some hours, I found a really easy way to reinstall. I must only press CONTRL + R at the start. I came now to the Recovery options and here I can choose Reinstall MacOS.  Now he download the Image from the Apple Server.

At the other part of the work day I end all my projects and gave it to my college’s. At the end, I spook a bit with my boss. And said good bye to the full team. Some trainees go only out of the office at her end. But I want to say everyone goodbye with a headshake.

At home, I went with Dominik and Marie to Tesco because we want to cook our last time her in Belfast together.

It was a really nice time her in Belfast I can recommend doing the same experience.

A last Regards

Maximilian Melke