Goodbye To Locate a Locum And My Colleagues

This blogpost is only dedicated to the Locate a Locum team – the best part (besides the work itself) of my whole internship by far.

I think there has not been any other moment in my life before, where I was that happy heading back home finally but at the same time being very hard to say goodbye to all my colleagues/ friends and also my work and the whole work environment itself, which I got used to it of course and felt totally in love with.

I already had to tell goodbye to my colleague and roommate last Friday early in the morning  as he was off to a weekend trip with his brother and father to Paris. I’ve to admit that I felt and it got quite emotional because of the fact of living and working together, which is always an intense combination of course, because you’re spending a lot of time together. But in the other hand we both knew that this won’t be the last time for sure that we’re going to see each other (and the flights from Belfast to Berlin are so cheap!). He knows that the door of Emin and me will be always open for him and he’ll be very welcomed to visit us in Berlin anytime! I’ll be always thankful that he was a true, helping friend to me, even we didn’t know each other that well at this time. He offered me a room, when I was in need and couldn’t see me in such bad situation anymore. This is something, that you can’t even expect from long term friendships and I’m completely aware of this.

Later in the day I started to say goodbye to the whole Locate a Locum team, but also to some other from the office, which I got friends with them as well. Jonny and Conaire surprised me with a little gift, which made move to tears closely. It was a very sweet card with 50€ inside on top:

I’ll invest those symbolical 50€ in Ethereum for sure! Glad to see that they know me quite well meanwhile, which makes the goodbye even harder…

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU again for the best team I could have imagine for my internship. I learned so many new things and most important thing I won so much confidence in this sector! Because of you and the whole work, tasks and trust, which you gave me, I know now, in which direction I want to specialize myself in my future career. I feel ready for my last year finally which makes me incredible happy!