The Domain

At Tuesday, we worked on another company with a Domain change.

I was a half hour earlier at the company and prepare BIOS from a HP PC. At 9 PM I start with my colleague to the customer. We drove at my home over. The costumer was 15 minutes by walk from my home away. We went then inside and start with the reception PC the second real PC the others are only Laptops.

We must Drop PCs out of the Domain in a Workgroup and put the PCs back in a new Domain. Map the network drives and configure Outlook. The big problem was the network drive because the shared folders are on a Windows XP PC and I don’t know about this detail. My colleague wants another account on the XP PC and then I know the XP PC is the fileserver. We create the User on the XP. Now we can login in the Domain. For the mapping, we need to set the Domain name as the PC name from the XP PC. After we found a solution for this problem we can fast did the Laptops and finish the work. After we finished this on the company I walked to the agency for the final meeting. We gave to the agency our Europass Documents and rate the Agency and the company.

After we finished this meeting we went home and relax the evening.