Time to move on (2)

There is something I forgot to mention in the prior articles. It somehow never made the cut. Never fit in. It’s been haunting me for the last few weeks and it’s still hard to ignore. It’s this noise. It’s located in the „server room“ of the new office. I obviously spent a lot of time inside this room. I was told that it appeared because of a malfunction of the alarm system. It has not stopped since. It’s been 3 weeks.

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The second half kick-off

Has it already been four weeks? It doesn’t feel like it. I feel like it’s the second week… There is room for different interpretations for this statement. The first one is the optimistic one. If time goes by fast, it means you are enjoying yourself. The second one is rational. If this feels like a second week, what have I actually accomplished the last two weeks? The third interpretation can be made based on my prior articles on this site. If I have no sense of spatial orientation, I could also have no temporal orientation. That’s fair, but I would tend to believe the first two theses. „The second half kick-off“ weiterlesen

How friendly is Belfast?

This is another requested matter, this time it’s something I am qualified to comment on. I’ve witnessed random acts of kindness. It think it was yesterday when I saw and heard a woman warning another woman about the dog poop she was about to walk in to. They didn’t know each other. Last week I saw an elderly man in the distance, he fell over and it took mere seconds for the people nearby to rush to him and help him up. The important aspect is not that somebody helped him up, but that everybody near him was immediately concerned. „How friendly is Belfast?“ weiterlesen


After considering the title „Uphill“ before, this time it’s more than well-deserved that it opens up this article. Saturday we went up the mountain and it was exhausting as well as rewarding. The view was great and probably more than 500 pictures were taken at the top of the mountain. My personal favorites are shown below.

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Video calling someone else’s cat

I am serious. It happened again. Am I becoming a cat whisperer? Hardly. This cat wasn’t willing to interact with me either. The feeling was mutual. This cat chat was forced on me. The whole point of the video call was to live stream Pro7. That might damage my image significantly, but… I really wanted to watch Germanys Next Topmodel (it was the semi-final!). I wasn’t able to do it in Belfast, thus my sister spontaneously suggested to let me watch it with the help of a video call. I – in the shape of the mobile phone – was comfortably positioned on the table and could follow up the show surprisingly well on her TV. During one of the commercial breaks it was decided that I should talk to the cat. I guess that’s what happens when you tell your family members about your blog and they want to hoax you with it.

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Video calling my cat

This might be my worst or best title yet. Doesn’t it sound like a good premise for a new RTL2 reality show? Or a new animal TV format for VOX? But it would probably turn out boring, nothing scandalous nor heart-breaking would happen. And I’d have to agree, video calling my cat wasn’t really that exciting, considering he ignored me the whole 5 minutes (I am sure it wasn’t intentional). Video calling humans – my parents and my sister, did make more sense. And it was nice to see them again. Even though there are some things I miss from back home, I am not homesick (yet).

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