Now what? (How to end a blog)

23 blog entries later, what is there left for me to talk about? Writing a blog about the gym was the first symptom of me running out of ideas. The last article about my work was also grasping at straws. But this is the last article, no need to be creative. Everybody knows what to expect of a last article. A clean, honest review of the internship. I’ll try to make it not too boring. „Now what? (How to end a blog)“ weiterlesen

Experiencing the Coast

We’ve covered what Belfast is most famous for: the Titanic Museum. But what are Northern Ireland’s most notable features? If you say that it is the scenery for Game of Thrones, you might be correct. But since I am not watching Game of Thrones and the tour for it was outrageously expensive I am politely going to ignore this answer. The second best answer is: The Giant’s Causeway. And the 18 pound for the tour were definitely well spent. „Experiencing the Coast“ weiterlesen


I have bought my third umbrella here in Belfast. Looking at the numbers (1 umbrella/2 weeks) this might be the last one I need. But in the end it’s all up to the wind scale. Belfast, how do feel about making a deal with me? I’ll take one more hour of rain a day (the difference won’t be notable but psst!) and you are getting rid of your windy attitude! Let’s make these last two weeks wind free!
„D.R.S.A.B.C“ weiterlesen

Time to move on (2)

There is something I forgot to mention in the prior articles. It somehow never made the cut. Never fit in. It’s been haunting me for the last few weeks and it’s still hard to ignore. It’s this noise. It’s located in the „server room“ of the new office. I obviously spent a lot of time inside this room. I was told that it appeared because of a malfunction of the alarm system. It has not stopped since. It’s been 3 weeks.

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Video calling someone else’s cat

I am serious. It happened again. Am I becoming a cat whisperer? Hardly. This cat wasn’t willing to interact with me either. The feeling was mutual. This cat chat was forced on me. The whole point of the video call was to live stream Pro7. That might damage my image significantly, but… I really wanted to watch Germanys Next Topmodel (it was the semi-final!). I wasn’t able to do it in Belfast, thus my sister spontaneously suggested to let me watch it with the help of a video call. I – in the shape of the mobile phone – was comfortably positioned on the table and could follow up the show surprisingly well on her TV. During one of the commercial breaks it was decided that I should talk to the cat. I guess that’s what happens when you tell your family members about your blog and they want to hoax you with it.

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Expectations were met

…the weather is finally behaving like it should be. The faint memory of the pleasant sunshine last week is slowly fading. It’s raining right now. It was raining 2 hours ago too. And it will rain in the evening. Maybe you can guess which one of my possessions back from Germany was the first to give up on working? It was my umbrella. Lucky me. It broke down in the middle of a shower. That’s when the hunt for an umbrella started. And let me just say, it’s ridiculous how hard it was to find a new umbrella. Many small boutiques didn’t offer any. I was desperate. I even tried to find one in some of the kiosks nearby. Here is another guess for you, where to you think I finally found an umbrella? You are wrong. It was in a cancer research shop. „Expectations were met“ weiterlesen