Giant’s Causeway Tour


Today’s blog entry will not have so much text. I think pictures will show you more than I describe in words. So what did we do today? As you can read in the heading: We did a Giant’s Causeway tour. Or to be more precise, we did a bus tour along the Antrim Coast. „Giant’s Causeway Tour“ weiterlesen

Off we go, way to the south

We came back recently from Dublin and it really was an interesting adventure.

The tour started at 8:30 a.m which is very early concerning it is Saturday.None the less we all gathered at the right time, and went for a 2h journey in the bus. Enough time for me to take a quick nap. „Off we go, way to the south“ weiterlesen

our little mountain climb

So, today was one of the most active days I’ve ever had in the last years. Our group thought about climbing up a Mountain in the north-eastern part of Belfast. At first I thought what could be so special about this Mountain that we want to spend nearly a whole day on it, but as we arrived I saw the mountain in itself and realized: oh, this is going to be a really… funny trip . „our little mountain climb“ weiterlesen