Last day at CAPITA and why a part of my heart definitely stays in Belfast

Yesterday it was the last day at CAPITA. First I have to say that it was a great time at CAPITA. They tried to introduce me as much they can. I got a little tour at the beginning through CAPITA to explain the function of each department. I liked that and I am grateful they done it for me. At the time at CAPITA there where some busy moments. But it was okay because I always got some help when I asked for it. I would like to thank in particular Gareth Trainor my Supervisor. „Last day at CAPITA and why a part of my heart definitely stays in Belfast“ weiterlesen

Finishing the work

Yesterday I had finished the detailed list about what is missing at the helpdesks. It took me about half an hour until I got everything together. After that I controlled if I had listed everything I need. I edited my list because I had forgot to include microphones that are needed at every helpdesk. The next problem was, that the students had left all their rubbish in the cupboards. „Finishing the work“ weiterlesen

Giant’s Causeway tour

On Saturday we have done the Giant’s Causeway tour. It was a really beautiful day, perfect for a longer trip. We booked a tour online that goes around the coast of Belfast.  The first stop was Bushmills. But not for the Bushmills Whiskey distillery. The bus driver made a stop, so that everybody could go to the toilet before we continued our trip to the Giant’s Causeway.  „Giant’s Causeway tour“ weiterlesen

Work at the CAPITA warehouse again

Today we had to do the second part of the asset tag work at the CAPITA warehouse. Before we arrived there, we made a stop at the local SPAR Market to get some food. It was a wise decision, because near the warehouse there was no possibility to buy something. As we arrived, Geoff parked „Work at the CAPITA warehouse again“ weiterlesen

Repair some tablets

Today it was time to repair some tablets in the workshop. I had to take them apart . It isn’t really easy because sometimes you can’t see every screw or they are hidden behind some protection. But finally I found every screw and decomposed the tablet. The task was to replace the connection between the tablet and the keyboard because it was badly damaged. „Repair some tablets“ weiterlesen

Security issues and the workshop

On Monday I went to Gareth to ask him what he has done at the weekend and if he had won at a game that we both play. He told me instead that there is a problem. I had given him my certificate of good conduct some days ago because a other group of CAPITA needed it for the background check to work with customer data. They tried to translate the German certificate of good conduct. „Security issues and the workshop“ weiterlesen

Warm weather and a sunburn

Yesterday was a really sunny and warm day like in Germany. So we decided to make a bus tour.  We met at the City Centre again. I was early as usual and waited at a sunny place. It didn’t take long until the other guys arrived. The plan was to take a hop on hop off bus tour through Belfast and to go to the Titanic Museum. The hop on hop off bus tour was really great. We saw some „Warm weather and a sunburn“ weiterlesen

I think I broke the system

Today began the day quite calmly. Less data restores and some ticket allocation but not so many that I couldn’t allocate them anymore. At 11 AM it was time for a tea break. We talked about the differences of Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6. The time flew by and we had to work again. When I came back the que was filled up with about 22 tickets that I had to allocate to the tier 2 team. It took me about 10 minutes to empty the whole Que. Afterwards I went to the data „I think I broke the system“ weiterlesen