3D Printing at Work

Today I noticed that I never mentioned in any blog that we have a 3D printer on work. Luckily we are allowed to „play around“ with it because we need to find out which settings you should use. Since almost day one the printer hardly stands still because we are basically always printing. After the first failed models, there are now more and more that looks really good. For example we printed a support for the printer that holds the material roll. Indeed this was a very good idea since it always happened that the material has not unrolled well.

Among other things I wasn’t much outside these days because I had to do some urgent things on my webserver. Also the hole server inclusive all databases and websites had to move and bought up to date. All that cost me some time as this had to happen in a live operation and unfortunately in one configuration were some stupid errors. Typical layer 8 problem.

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Goodbye Berlin and Hello Belfast

It was an exciting day which has started at 7:30 AM at the airport Schönefeld.
As usual I was very early and have waited for the others. After we checked in our luggage we went through the security check and searched the gate of our departure. Everything went really fast. It took the plane about „Goodbye Berlin and Hello Belfast“ weiterlesen


The first day has come to an end. It started with approximately 3 hours of sleep and a vivid nightmare of me missing my flight by 5 hours. Luckily, dreams don’t always come true. The pre-flight journey went smoothly and the flight itself as well (disregarding the pressure variations). Everyone was in a really good mood. Especially Max and Dominik who enjoyed their delicate airplane snack.

Dominik likes food

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