A Very Calm Easter Weekend

The weekend didn’t start as I thought I would because I started to feel bad at Wednesday evening and over the night it got worse. At the morning I knew I caught a cold and that I need some resting time so after my language course and a short trip to the coffee shop Avocado & Coffee I decided to go home and take a rest and to work against my sickness. „A Very Calm Easter Weekend“ weiterlesen

The Week so far.

The Sunday started pretty calm for me because I could sleep very long which I definitely needed after the exhausting day before. After I took a little shower my roommate Nickolas and I took the train to Waterloo East to meet with our friend Artin. From Waterloo we took a foot over the Westminster Bridge to the Westminster Palace and then to the St James’s Park, where we allowed ourselves a little break at the St James’s Park Lake. From the lake we moved to the Buckingham Palace to take a look at the Royal Guard and at the Buckingham Palace itself. Afterwards we tried to find a place where we could drink a tea and maybe eat a little bit, 10 minutes later we found a small little store called The English Cafe Rose and Tea Shop behind the Buckingham „The Week so far.“ weiterlesen

The First Day and the First Exploring of London

My roommate Nickolas and I spent our first day in London with exploring the local area and shops. We went to Lidl and Aldi to compare if there are big differences between the one in London and in Germany. After that we went into the city to walk and explore a bit more. We took the train from Catford Bridge to London Bridge and walked over the London Bridge to the Tower of London and then walked over the Tower Bridge back to the train station London Bridge so we could take the train back home.


Today we made our way to London for our two month internship. We started at 10 o clock in Berlin Schönefeld and landed at 11:40 o clock in London Stansted, we got picked up by our agency from the airport and then went to our host families. The flight was good and calm but the landing was a bit rough. My host family is located in southeast London in Lewisham and not far from the city I need around 20 minutes to get into the city.

So far I like it a lot and I am looking forward to get to know my company, where I am going to work for the next two months. We are spending the next week in the agency were we are going to have language course.