Flying Back Home

Today was our very last day in London and I still needed to pack some things so I got up pretty early. I took a quick shower and then packed the rest into my luggage that was my dirty laundry from the last three days, some shoes, my „waschtasche“ and my towels. After I did that I brought down my luggage and then brought the trash from our room out together with my roommate Nickolas because it was a lot of trash. Afterwards we made ourselves some food and then watched some TV. The rest was just waiting until Max, our host father, brought us to the agency so we can take the bus to the airport from there. We left our host family some little presents as a thanks for the good and wonderful time we had in their house.

All in all I got very lucky with the whole trip and internship. I had a very very good internship at Intersys IT and a very very good managing director Simon who taught me a lot, I was very happy there and had a really good time. I am very grateful for the time there and the chance Simon gave me to learn something from him. And I am very very thankful that I could have such a great and wonderful host family that gave me so much freedom and did so much for me to make my stay as good as possible and it was even better than that because Eve and Max were two very loving and kindhearted persons who took care of us really really well and I definitely recommend these two if you want to stay in London for some time.

The last Days

I started the last round two days with working on some servers again. I exchanged the RAM in the servers and put them from 2 GB to 8 GB of RAM after that I installed a RAID-Controller into one of the server. The RAID-Controller was pretty hard to find because we had a lot of them and only that one fitted into the server. After I set everything up I checked if everything was running good and then I cleaned all of the servers because they were pretty dusty and dirty.
On Friday I started to tidy up the office where I was working the whole internship, I put the servers back into the cupboard and put all the cables back into there boxes. Later I had last talk with my managing director about the whole internship and how I liked it and what I learned and how contented he was with my work in the company. After that my managing director invited me for a farewell lunch into a coffee shop but unfortunately I didn’t had that much time because I needed to go to the Twin School for a meeting. At the school we spoke about the positive things and not positive things of the internship and a lot of people from my group didn’t had a good experience here and the mood was a bit down but everyone was happy that we will fly back to Berlin tomorrow.

The Server Days

I started this Monday with preparing the server for the client so I renamed the server and labelled the server with the new name and labelled the network ports after that I removed the cd tray from a similar server to put it in the server for the client, when I removed the cd tray I removed the hard drive case from similar server too because the one hard drive in the server didn’t had a hard drive case and was pretty easy to move in the server. The next thing was to install Teamviewer on the server so my company can manage the server remotely and then I installed all the updates the server needed.

On Tuesday I did the last check on the server if everything was alright, then I gathered all the cables together I needed to bring to the client with the server. Around half past ten my colleague picked me up with the car and we drove to the client where we installed the server. The server rack was a bit messy and we had to move the NAS to build in the server but after that was done everything went pretty quick and in the end we just did a connectivity test if everything was alright with the server connectivity and the general internet connectivity of the client. Everything was alright so I went back to the office. At home I just started to do my laundry and watched a movie about the hunt on Bonnie and Clyde.

On Wednesday I look into some over servers from the company which they didn’t use to see if everything was good with them and if we can use one of them for another client in the future.

Two very interesting Days

On my Thursday my managing director brought me a small server that I needed to clean because it was pretty dusty from the outside and the inside after that I checked the server if everything was alright with it and if it’s running good. My colleagues invited me for lunch into a pub where every Thursday is curry day and it was very delicious. After the lunch I did a last check up with my colleague on his computer if everything was as he wanted it to be and he was very contented and very grateful about my work with his computer.

On Friday I was working more with that server. I removed its feature that the server was the domain controller and after that I removed the whole active directory feature. Afterwards I wrote some reports for the company what I did on client PCs and how long I did these tasks. At home I just washed my shirts and watched some videos and finished one show.

Another Bank Holiday

Monday was free for me due to the bank holiday so I slept out after I showered myself and ate something Nickolas and I went to the Camden Market. We thought it would be fuller because of the bank holiday but it wasn’t that full so we got over the market pretty quick. At the end we just ate a pretty good burger on the market and then went back home. „Another Bank Holiday“ weiterlesen

A long weekend with football

For the weekend I needed to go to Stratford to buy a pair of pants for my uncle, which I did in the afternoon because I slept pretty long as always on the weekend. In Stratford I went to the West Ham store to get the pants and then went to the Gap store to look for a pair of pants for my mother which she had wished for but unfortunately they didn’t had them anymore. I just went home after the Gap store because there was nothing for me to do anymore. At home I just watched a show on my laptop and later then the DFB-Cup final game.

On Sunday I just did my laundry and watched some YouTube videos.

A tricky powerful Machine

This Monday started with the installation of Windows 10 on the PC of my colleague but the anti-virus software made some problems before the installation. It wasn’t compatible with Windows 10 so it needed to be deinstalled but unfortunately my managing director lost the password for it and I had to go over a bit more complicated way. After I did that I started up the installation and let it install over the night. Then I went to a pub where some of colleagues and I got a couple of drinks.

On the next day I set up the Windows 10 and installed all the updates. After that I deinstalled the Office packet from the PC and installed Office 365 on it. I synced all the data from the 365-cloud with the PC and set up the rest of Office 365. The next problems started with Outlook because I wasn’t been able to log in as my colleague because the user didn’t have access to the credential manager. So after I tried to change the permissions on the credential folder I saw that Windows 10 made a new user for my colleague which was corrupting the original user. After I renamed that user everything was fine again. Then I just exchanged some RAM on some PCs and that was it for the day.

On Wednesday I installed Windows 10 on a new machine my colleague needed for a client after that I worked a bit more on that faulty machine from my other colleague, I installed some other necessary software and tried to fix that user problem.