A Family Visit and Avengers Endgame for the Third Time

The second half of this week began with setting up a PC for a colleague, I needed to set it up for Windows 10 and build in a new hard drive but before that I removed the PC from its old domain and set up a new user. After that I moved all the data from the old user to the new user. After work I met up with my parents and my girlfriend so I can stay with them for the weekend, we went to the hotel to leave the stuff there and then tried to find a place for dinner in North Greenwich.

On the next day at work I just installed some software on that PC and did some self-study. For the lunch I met up with my family and we ate something in Twickenham. After work we went to the Camden Market to go over the market and get some food and clothes. From the Camden Market we made our way to Chinatown and the Piccadilly Circus to go in some stores there. In the evening I went into the cinema again to see Avengers Endgame with my girlfriend because she didn’t see it.

A Calm third Week

Yesterday was a calm day again and so I did some self-study again but before that I installed Microsoft Office 365 on two client and removed Outlook-accounts from PCs so they could synchronize with a new email address, on another changed the update settings from monthly updates to semi-annual. After work I met up with Nickolas and Artin in a pub.

Today I just installed some software on a client PC with the required software so they could brought back. For lunch I got invited by a colleague, we wanted to go to a German bakery but it was closed unfortunately so we went to an Italian place to get some good sandwiches. After work I met up with Nickolas and Artin again to go to a pub. In the evening I just watched some YouTube videos.

A Weekend with Ice Cream and Avengers Endgame again

My roommate Nickolas went into the city for this weekend. We started at the Trafalgar Square and then walked through China Town to a Ben and Jerry’s store where we got some really good ice cream and a very good milk shake, afterwards we went back to China Town to take the underground to Camden Town.

I went to the Dr. Martens store to buy myself a new pair of shoes which I wanted to buy for a long time. The Dr. Martens store was directly on the Camden Market so we used the opportunity to look at some interesting stuff. „A Weekend with Ice Cream and Avengers Endgame again“ weiterlesen

Second Week at Intersys IT

Yesterday my colleague gave me a laptop from his friend so I could change the hard drive to an SSD and install Windows 10 on it, during the installation I started the wiping and formatting of two hard drives. After the installation and configuration of Windows 10 on that one laptop I started to check on others laptops if it’s possible to upgrade them with some more RAM. „Second Week at Intersys IT“ weiterlesen