The Week so far.

The Sunday started pretty calm for me because I could sleep very long which I definitely needed after the exhausting day before. After I took a little shower my roommate Nickolas and I took the train to Waterloo East to meet with our friend Artin. From Waterloo we took a foot over the Westminster Bridge to the Westminster Palace and then to the St James’s Park, where we allowed ourselves a little break at the St James’s Park Lake. From the lake we moved to the Buckingham Palace to take a look at the Royal Guard and at the Buckingham Palace itself. Afterwards we tried to find a place where we could drink a tea and maybe eat a little bit, 10 minutes later we found a small little store called The English Cafe Rose and Tea Shop behind the Buckingham Palace, where I drank a Chai Tea Latte which was very delicious. After a while we each took our way home over the Victoria Station and at home I enjoyed a very good dinner.


Our language course started on Monday with a little entry test to determine how good our English is and what we want to improve on our time in London. Thereafter we played a little game called Articulate which is just like the German game Tabu where you have to explain a certain word without using the word, but the big difference to the German version is that you are allowed to use every word to explain it.
After the school we all went to a Vietnamese restaurant to eat some very delicious Phở Bò which is a noodle soup with beef. From where my classmates Nickolas, Artin and I went to a coffee shop in the same street where I enjoyed another delicious Chai Tea Latte and later we three went to a big park not far from the Blackheath Train Station from where we all went home very exhausted.

On Tuesday the next language course day began but this time in separated classes. We talked about astrology, Zodiac signs especially Chinese Zodiac signs and if these characteristics of our Zodiac sign fits to us after that we talked about some Tarot cards and what they mean. After the break we played a little game where one group played the detectives and another group played as the witnesses of a murder in a mansion and the detectives had to find out which of witnesses killed the victim but the detectives couldn’t the murderer and he got away.
After school my classmates Nickolas, Artin and I went to same coffee shop as the day before and I drank the same thing as the day before, a Chai Tea Latte because I like it a lot. Afterwards we walked to the O2 Arena where we just looked into some stores to see if we like something, we thought this wasn’t enough for us so we went to the Westfield Stratford City Shopping Mall to look into some more stores. Right next to the Shopping Centre is the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with the Olympic Stadium and the ArcelorMittal Orbit, we just sat down there and enjoyed some calm moments. After a while we got back to the subway and went back home.


Today was another language curse day where we just talked about the topic hacking and the hacking community later in that lesson we watched how someone gave a presentation on Ted Talk about that topic and we discussed a bit about that. Right after School my classmates Nickolas, Artin and I went again to the same coffee shop to get some tea and some sandwiches, they were as delicious as the days. After the coffee shop we took the train to the Trafalgar Square to watch some street performers and then made our way over the Leicester Square to Covent Garden. We saw a lot of cinemas, theatres, bars and casinos on the way to Covent Garden and the streets were pretty full but I had a lot of fun seeing so many interesting things and definitely want to go there again. After we went into some shops we wanted to make our way home but we had some struggle with finding the right way home because our mobile data internet had some problems but we figured it out somehow.

I am very excited about next week because we are going to find out where we are going to work for the next two months.

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