2 Weeks since London

I’ve been in Berlin now for 2 weeks, and I’m happy to be back here, rather than in London. Even though I had a fun time due to the fact that family and friends visited me, I did miss my other friends and family in Berlin. Yesterday my Grandfather turned 77 and the whole family met up and had we had a great time. I was happy to see all of my family, since I hadn’t seen them in 2 months.

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Let’s talk to some friends

My workday was as usual, nothing special. Today I decided to talk with some of my friends. I hadn’t had contact with since I arrived in London…
So I went to our voice server and we talked about all the things which happened during my time here. They also asked me about my experience so far. I explained to them a bit then they got my blog link. Today is the birthday from my grandmother too so I also called her, she was very surprised from the call because I’m in London and that is very far for her.

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