How are things going with the website

In the last couple of days, I was entrusted with the task to build the new website for the shop. But how are things going?

South London Repair wanted a new website for repairs focused on Apple products. On the website you can see the prices, working hours and some technics for the repairs of iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and iPods. The layout of the website was already done, but it is written in Hungarian. So I translated some of the texts in English. I had to change the texts in HTML, because most of the sites are one raw html file. Most of the sites are also linked wrongly so I also needed to redirect this. The whole website uses also many CSS files, which I had to change for the purpose of the shop. In the last two days I tried to get a whole view of the website and started to apply many changes. I would consider 1/3 of  the whole website done. There are also some ‚bugs‘ which bother me a bit, but I was told, that these bugs are irrelevant and I should not waste my time on them.

To build and change the website is a nice change from screwing televisions or iPhones.