Last meeting with intern europe

Today marks the start of the last week of our internship here in Northern Ireland. This is also the reason why we got an appointment with the agency today.

During the meeting topics such as the Europass or our departure were discussed. The latter had already been discussed with intern europe before, as in our opinion it is incomprehensible that we cannot be brought directly to the airport by taxi. Okay, thats not right. We can, but we have to pay it for ourself. The other option is to take a taxi to the Europa Buscenter and from there take a bus to the airport. In this variant we also have to pay for the ticket ourselves. But because you can’t say with 100 percent certainty that you’ll get a large-capacity taxi, variant 2 is the only option worthwhile for us.

Another important topic that was discussed was the Europass. Intern europe had already provided us with the necessary documents a week before, which we then had filled out by our companies. These documents were collected in the meeting.

After the meeting was done we went for some grocery shopping and did some cooking.

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