Last day & and departure

After 2 long month in a foreign country, our internship is coming to an end. Although I was rather sceptical and negative about the whole thing before my stay abroad, I have to say that it was worth it. Through the internship I was able to gain a lot of new experience. When I’m back in Germany I have a lot to tell. But new experiences are not the only thing I found here. By living together with people from different nations and with different background in the same accommodation, you have also learned a lot about yourself and perhaps also made new contacts.


Either way, I’m gonna remember this for a long time. Both the good and the bad things. And perhaps I will return later in my lifetime. You never know for sure.

Last Bankholiday

This weekend was a bank holiday again, which means we got a day off work today. If I’m honest… I didn’t really do much besides letting the weekend be weekend, playing video games with the others, recover from the exhausting tour on Saturday and preparing our hardware course, which we will hold after the internship.

Other than that, not much has happened. The Austrians left the accommodation on Saturday morning and 4 Italians took their place instead. It has gotten a lot more quite over the last days.

On the one hand I’m enjoying the much more quite atmosphere, but on the other hand it can be a little bit boring from time to time.

Best day of my stay abroad!

In my opinion, yesterday was the best day of the whole stay abroad. We had been planning to explore the surrounding country of Belfast and Northern Ireland for quite some time now and after we’ve already had to postpone our trip once we finally got to take part in the „Game of Thrones – Tour“ we booked over a week ago. That’s exactly what this Blog will be all about. „Best day of my stay abroad!“ weiterlesen

Tour through the city

This Saturday we decided to go to the city center early in the morning. The plan was to browse the St Georges Market again, to find souvenirs for our relatives in Germany and later to look for an opportunity to buy some clothes. „Tour through the city“ weiterlesen