Review of the eight week

Last week is done and it’s time to go back to Germany. All our tasks at work have been finished and we had a final lunch with all our co-workes. Im very thankful for having such friendly collegues. We also recieved an exciting task for the last week. We did a small certificate for Microsoft Windows 10. „Review of the eight week“ weiterlesen

Last evening in Belfast

Today is our last long evening in Belfast. Our Taxis will arrive at 3:15am and we decided to stay awake until then. Our day began a bit later than usual because we all slept a bit longer so we will be fit for the flight. Then we startet packing our stuff together and cleaning our own rooms. After that we went to clean the kitchen and the living room. We took photos of all the areas in case something breaks after our departure. The taxis will drive us to the bus center and from there we will take a bus at 3:40am which drives us directly to the airport. The plane will then take off at 6.55am.

Review of the seventh week

The seventh week has come to an end and so did our last full weekend. On saturday we visited the city center one more time. We just went shopping and took a look at the city for the last time. The next day we all were lazy and just sat in the kitchen playing Minecraft together for most of the day. „Review of the seventh week“ weiterlesen

How to save money in Belfast

Today we went to the city center and found an extremly cheap store for household items. We were angry at ourselfs for not finding it earlier. So, I hope people will read this article before going to belfast. The store im talking about is called poundstretcher. „How to save money in Belfast“ weiterlesen

Review of the sixth week

Just two more weeks! I can‘t wait to be back in Germany. At this point the Internship has become pretty boring and it’s hard to motivate myself. Freetime is still fun but work is just so unchallanging. I love travelling but I never want to be away for such a long time from my family and especially my girlfriend. „Review of the sixth week“ weiterlesen

Winter is gone

[no spoilers] Today the final episode of Game of Thrones aired. Since I was really into the show in the last few months, I’m sad that its over now. A lot of people were unhappy about the last two seasons and how things turned out. In my opinion, it just felt rushed. I think a few more episodes would’ve done great improvement. This show will always be one of my favorites and im looking forward for the spin-offs to come.

Being here in Belfast where most of the show was shot, really hyped me up for the last season. This series has already become a small part of the culture here. When you explore the city you will always find people talking about it, or some art that is dedicadet to it and you’ll find merchandise everywhere. A coworker also told me, he lately saw Peter Dinklage casually walking throug the city. Furthermore, I noticed that the show had a high impact on tourism in Ireland. There are a lot of tours that are dedicated to the show. „Winter is gone“ weiterlesen

Meeting our Instructors

Today our Instructors from germany visited us. First we had a short meeting at our work placement. I had the chance to talk about positive and negative aspects of the placement so far.

After that we met at the „Dirty Onion“ which is a bar in the oldest building of belfast (which is already collapsed). We sat together, had some drinks and talked about our internship and what we learned so far. The athmosphere was very relaxed and it was a nice evening. After our instructors said goodbye, we went to McDonalds because I didn’t had dinner yet, and all were pretty hungry.