What is this now?

Today, I went as usually at my workplace. When I turned on my computer, I saw that some icons were missing on my desktop. I ignored it and started programming. When I wanted to start my program, I needed to run the command line. As usual I pressed the windows key and “R”. This time I just got an alert that this was not allowed. At this moment I was a bit confused.

I thought to open the start menu and type “cmd” there, but there was no hit. At this moment I already knew that something failed with the group policies. When I checked my group policy, I found out that my computer is in a Windows 10 group. The fact is that I use Windows 7.

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Still, just a chaos

My day started as usually, at work, continuing my programming tasks that are still very tricky.

Some of my classmates got already access to the online English course as for me I have to say, that I don’t have access at the moment but I have to and I really want to do this course.

Yesterday, I also wrote a mail to my school but still I got no reply. I have no choice but to keep waiting.

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What a chaos

Today I contacted with my school. I have still the problem that I can’t access the online English course. I asked my school because on the site it’s written that they have to activate it. My school told me to ask the support because they can’t do something. After I wrote the support I got an answer quickly. They told me that there is something wrong and I need another invitation. So I used my second invitation that I got. I did again the first English exam which took me around 1 hour. Luckily I got the same result as the first time even though doing the same thing twice is really annoying.

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