Still, just a chaos

My day started as usually, at work, continuing my programming tasks that are still very tricky.

Some of my classmates got already access to the online English course as for me I have to say, that I don’t have access at the moment but I have to and I really want to do this course.

Yesterday, I also wrote a mail to my school but still I got no reply. I have no choice but to keep waiting.

In the evening my host mother tried something new from the oven, she bought it for us because she, herself, is a vegetarian.

This “food” was really disgusting and uneatable the first time. I was thinking if I could ask her if it’s okay when I don’t eat it. After a minute she asked me, if I didn’t like to eat it.

I prefer more the German kitchen because almost all the things from the United Kingdom are very unhealthy.


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