a new week began

Yesterday began a new week. This is our third week in London.

My normal day starts at around 6:30 am. I get myself ready to leave at 7:10 am, so that I can be punctual at 9 o’clock at work. Yesterday I had to remove a lot of parts on different televisions and change the display of an Ipad. It was a pretty standard day at work. But in the afternoon I met up with a friend and we hang out till the late afternoon. We talked about school, our life in Berlin and London and much more. It was a pretty fun evening „a new week began“ weiterlesen

The Weekend is here

The last four days passed by really fast, but what happened ?

On Thusday and Friday I worked in South London Repair (SLR). During this time I got to know my colleagues better. I also unscrewed a lot of televisions, notebooks, motherboards and build them back together. On Friday we went to a family in the south of London, because there home automation system stopped working and SLR is one of the last companies with certified knowledge about the „Fibaro“ home automation system. In this case the software on the home contoller was way to old and not responding correctly.  „The Weekend is here“ weiterlesen