a new week began

Yesterday began a new week. This is our third week in London.

My normal day starts at around 6:30 am. I get myself ready to leave at 7:10 am, so that I can be punctual at 9 o’clock at work. Yesterday I had to remove a lot of parts on different televisions and change the display of an Ipad. It was a pretty standard day at work. But in the afternoon I met up with a friend and we hang out till the late afternoon. We talked about school, our life in Berlin and London and much more. It was a pretty fun evening

Today didn’t happen much. I had to change a lot of Mainboards in notebooks, PCs and televisions. But at some point, my colleagues had to go somewhere else and I was alone in the shop. So for about half an hour I had to talk to the customers and pick up phone calls. Basically pretty standard stuff, but it was the first time I had to interact with customers in the shop.


But we are going to see what the remaining week has in store for me …

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