Chase them DOWN

Well I am going to tell you a little bit about my company.

In my company there are working a lot of friendly people, most of them very young. There are about 70 employees; six of them are interns, including me. As I told you in my last blogs I have to work hard and the work is pretty boring by now. The first weeks have been quite alright but since yesterday it don’t want to work there anymore. Ok whatever, about two weeks after my first day a friend told me that they fired a college of him. She was replaced by, guess what… an intern. Last week a second girl was fired and today; what a surprise my friend got fired, too!!! So, who is next? Hopefully no one of course but still the atmosphere in the company is weird somehow. I will be very glad when my time at this company is over. I think this will be my last blog about work and the company. By the way the name of my company:

Still I have a really great time here in Dublin. I just got home from a pub where I celebrated Brazil’s victory, together with my Brazilian friends. Pictures and videos will follow in my next blog.

Have a great time,