Short version of what I have done the last two weaks

At work I do the usual. Together with Chris I inspect websites for bugs, mark them, open tickets for new ones, describe them and close them off if they are fixed.

What I learned about how this is done is quite valuable. The programmers program something and test it on their development environments.

Afterwards they push that stuff to a test environment where the test division tests the new things. Then the first bugs are raised already, checked, fixed and closed again. Afterwards depending on how big the site is, the changes or new things are either pushed to the live version directly and then rechecked again or if it is one of the big sites, they are pushed to the release environment. On the release environment they are tested again, fixed and finally we approve of it to be pushed live.

About private things: Of course I have been watching the first two Germany games in a pub with my roommates.

I am glad to have Chris with me at my company. He works much faster than I do and helps me out alot. Thanks to him we finished our tasks so fast that we had a few days on which we hadn’t to do much so we could learn about Cisco (Chris) or Java (me) or check out other things on the web.

On those occasions I read about self developement, about setting and reaching goals and about becoming the best self you can possibly be. I think in the long run this is more valuable than reading about Java or something related to work.

This is what I wanted to share with you in my big blog entry but if you are afraid that i’ll embarrass you/us/the Afib, then I won’t publish it on this platform. I’ll do that somewhere else so the ones who are ready for a change in their ways of thinking won’t miss out.

PS: To all who will be travelling to Ireland or any other country in the future, make sure you bring a camera. I didn’t bring one because I couldn’t afford one but I tell you, without a camera you can’t make pictures and keep all your lovely memories in a picture. So make sure to bring a camera!

Kind regards, Leo

don’t be too hard on me David 😉