One more Week

I am sorry for getting out blogs so seldom. There is just not enough time to write.
By now you know that I like to put as many videos and pictures in my blog as possible, that is one reason why it takes so long for me to finish each blog. Mainly because our internet connection works only sometimes so it can take some days to upload a single video.

As promised in my last blog here are pictures and videos from Brazilians win at the pub called Woolshed.

Sadly I have been ill again last week. But Tim and I went to Belfast anyway because we have planned the trip already two or three weeks ago. At Friday night I met a lot of friendly people at Sebastian’s and David’s place. The Next Day we went to the Giants Causeway and on Sunday we had a walk through the city before going back to Dublin. Here are some pictures of our trip.

Unfortunately it’s our last weekend here in Dublin so it’s time to say good-bye to all the people we meet here and maybe have a last beer with them. I am looking forward to get back to Berlin for two reasons: I don’t want to live in this apartment anymore and I don’t want to work at my company anymore. If I had a better job and accommodation I would strongly consider staying here for some more months. Dublin feels like home to me by now.

At last here are some more pictures I wanted to share in my lasts blogs but there was not enough web space available at that time.

Ok actually I wanted to share more pictures with you but I don’t want to use all of our webspace that is left.