Another Article

Hi there,

Because of our HSDPA Internet Access being unstable over the last days, I wrote this article at work. Work seemes to become more and more interesting but I haven’t done anything special this week. The most common jobs comming through are concerned with preparing Computer Systems to further utilisation by the technicians on site. In a nutshell: Installing Windows, configuring it, adding and applying some remote tools etc.

I’m looking forward to enjoying the weekend again. On Wednesday one of the spanish guys that we share our house with, throws a party because this is his last week in Belfast. Yesterday they all startet to cook for this event and OMG, they’re good at it. Miguel made some spanish omelet using a recipe of his mom and it tasted great. The best omelet I’ve ever eaten.

After Pablo (the guy who leaves us) left his room, we can use it for guests visiting, like Sebastian’s or my girlfriend. Hopefully there is nobody moving in until my girlfriend’s coming. But if anyone of the guys in Dublin wants to come over for a weekend we can use the room as well.

I stupidly forgot the camera again, so I cant upload any pictures right now. I know that my arcticles seem to be very boring, but I don’t care ;). Let’s see if anything interesting happens until the next annoying arcticle appears…

goodbye for now



Today is the last day of the working week. I should be very happy that weekend’s gonna be starting soon, but indeed, I am really enjoying the time that I’ve been working at Nitec. Today all the employees organized a BBQ for everyone. There were plenty Burgers and HotDogs for all of us (hm..delicious^^).

After the first working week I got used to the system that’s organising all the different tasks inside the different working groups. I even got several jobs finished all allone. During next week I may be able to do phone calls and support issues on my own as well.

Jonny’s gonna taking me to the railstation again today and I’ll be at home as usual (at about 7pm). Sebastian and I want to work out at the gim first and then get going to one of the wonderful pubs in Belfast meeting the other german guys again.


work’s fine


Today it was my first day at the technical support side of Nitec. I assisted „Chris“ checking the network of all the supported customer sites. We did also have a job to do that was „on site“ (@ the customer’s site). We had to investigate the causes of an IP address conflict and optimise the network cabling of a famous Hotel in Belfast. Thanks to Cisco, I could understand and even help to find the reason for the occured problems.

Later on, back at Nitec’s, we did some troubleshooting using the remote connections to several customer’s servers. I’m really glad that things went so well at work today.

Now we’re sitting @ home with the spanish guys listening to music and drinking beer. Tomorrow we’re gonna go to the pubs in Belfast again^^.

David out……

finally, got a gym ^^

Hey mades,

Sebastian and I went to the university sports center and got a membership. We had to purchase for 3 months but I’m so happy about being able to do a workout whenever I want that I don’t really regret having spent about 75 Pounds for it. We can now use the swimming pool or go to any offered activities like the gym, squach, table-tennis or just football. There are many oportunities and I’m glad to be a member.

Work goes on slowly. Today I completed an installation of a tablet pc and implemented some software. Nothing too difficult for me. I also had to take care of deliveries coming in, for example, I’m supposed to check if anything’s missing and if the amount of packages fits. Jonny, the guy who’s also part of the workshop, said that there were currently no tasks left and even the support center had nothing to do. So….I’m just waiting for some work to come in.

I think that there is nothing interesting to tell about for today…..



@ work

Hi there,

I did not yet wrote something about my work at Nitec. working here is not quite busy or exhausting. I do not really have much to do here, because I am participating in a department called workshop, where currently no tasks are waiting or coming in. Today my only job was, to install a tablet PC and to make one backup. Yes, that’s it.

The last two days of the week I will be part of the technical support team. Maybe that will be more interesting.

I hope that Sebastian and I find a place where we can do some sports. As a result of the bad bed and my herniated disc I am dealing with very heavy pain right now. But the Sportcenter near our location is not able to let us pay cash (i don’t understand these idiots). They need us to get an irish bank account to establish a membership. I am not going to get a bank account for just 2 months ;). I hope we will find an alternative soon.

Oh….I had to purchase a train ticket, to get to Antrim, which is the town where Nitec is located. It costs me about 125Pounds monthly. But the director said I maybe get my money back from the company. Let’s see, I don’t want to be impolite and ask for it.


Weekend @ Belfast

Hi there,

Finally, I god rid of my cold.Yeeehaa….

The spanish guys are so fuc….. funny. Their English is really bad, but they use their own words. For example:

the fridge is -> the cold box,

the freezer is -> the very cold box,

the oven is -> the hot box

and the kitchen units are called -> individual food box

Yesterday they all got drunk and started to get crazy. One of them wanted to take a shower and, I don’t know why, the others tried to avoid that. During this time they destroyed a lamp and the door of the bathroom. Sebastian and I were downstairs in the livingroom and we heard just a lot of very loud „BANGS“. So actually, we do not really know, what has happened^^.

After a lot of beers we decided to go to a Pub, I cannot remember the name, but it was really cool there. The music was very loud that if I wanted to talk to someone I had to leave the Pub and have a Cigarette. Outside, I met about 20 different people from all over the world. I got used to speak english with an american accent, so that one irish girl actually thought that I came from America^^. I found out that it is really easy to find someone to talk to. All of the people here are very friendly and appreciate that I’m trying to talk in their language.

Now, I want to go to a Pub called „Botanic In“ to watch the final of the FA-Cup. I hope that the beer is not to expensive there.

When I’m back, I’m gonna have to tell some more funny stories of the spanish guys :). I don’t know whats going on in their heads.




Got a Cold :(


Thanks to the rainy weather on tuesday I got a cold.  On Wednesday I stayed in bed all evening trying to get better. Hopefully I am going to be ok today. I am drinking a lot of tea (not so difficult to find tea in UK^^) spending my time on writing the blog, answering emails etc. If my recovery is going on well I will get into the City to buy a phone card and something to eat, maybe some drugs…

Anyway, my Job Interview that occured on Wednesday, was a great success. The director of Nitec was impressed by my language skills. Unfortunately he did not have my CV so I had to tell him my whole working history. But it seemed that the interview proceeded very well and I am looking forward to beginning my practical training at Nitec on monday. If you want to know about the company you can visit their website at .

So that’s it for now. Maybe I can tell you something more interesting tomorrow, because probably, I’m staying in bed today.

see you


First sign of live

Hi everybody,

Finally we got our Internet connection so we can actually start writing articles in this blog.

Yesterday, we arrived at Belfast at about 17 o’clock after taking the bus at 14 o’clock in Dublin. The appartement I’m living in is great. I’m sharing it with my collegue Mr. Boese and some spanish guys. The room is small but I feel comfortable with it. Getting access to the internet was quite easy 😉 . We got an UMTS stick from O² after discovering the city in ridiculous 5 hours ^^. Here are some Pictures of the house in Delhi Street, Belfast:

Tomorrow there will be my job interview for Nitec which is the company I’m going to start working next monday. Kevin Shine, who’s responsible for the organisation of all participating students (yes here I’m traded like a stundent and OSZIMT is called a „College“) is going to pick me up and drive me to this interview. I hope that the guys from Nitec are satisfied with my appearance.

I think thats all I can report until now.