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Hi there,

I did not yet wrote something about my work at Nitec. working here is not quite busy or exhausting. I do not really have much to do here, because I am participating in a department called workshop, where currently no tasks are waiting or coming in. Today my only job was, to install a tablet PC and to make one backup. Yes, that’s it.

The last two days of the week I will be part of the technical support team. Maybe that will be more interesting.

I hope that Sebastian and I find a place where we can do some sports. As a result of the bad bed and my herniated disc I am dealing with very heavy pain right now. But the Sportcenter near our location is not able to let us pay cash (i don’t understand these idiots). They need us to get an irish bank account to establish a membership. I am not going to get a bank account for just 2 months ;). I hope we will find an alternative soon.

Oh….I had to purchase a train ticket, to get to Antrim, which is the town where Nitec is located. It costs me about 125Pounds monthly. But the director said I maybe get my money back from the company. Let’s see, I don’t want to be impolite and ask for it.


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  1. Hey David, u should ask Kevin (as soon as possible) for help. I think he can do the payment and u can give him the cash. He told us the same in reference to another topic. But consideration of his trip to america (1 month) you should hurry up!

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