Another Article

Hi there,

Because of our HSDPA Internet Access being unstable over the last days, I wrote this article at work. Work seemes to become more and more interesting but I haven’t done anything special this week. The most common jobs comming through are concerned with preparing Computer Systems to further utilisation by the technicians on site. In a nutshell: Installing Windows, configuring it, adding and applying some remote tools etc.

I’m looking forward to enjoying the weekend again. On Wednesday one of the spanish guys that we share our house with, throws a party because this is his last week in Belfast. Yesterday they all startet to cook for this event and OMG, they’re good at it. Miguel made some spanish omelet using a recipe of his mom and it tasted great. The best omelet I’ve ever eaten.

After Pablo (the guy who leaves us) left his room, we can use it for guests visiting, like Sebastian’s or my girlfriend. Hopefully there is nobody moving in until my girlfriend’s coming. But if anyone of the guys in Dublin wants to come over for a weekend we can use the room as well.

I stupidly forgot the camera again, so I cant upload any pictures right now. I know that my arcticles seem to be very boring, but I don’t care ;). Let’s see if anything interesting happens until the next annoying arcticle appears…

goodbye for now

3 Gedanken zu „Another Article“

  1. Oliver, don’t you have a girlfriend as well?
    I suppose that you’d do the same for her…
    Nevertheless, we’ll find a way to get you out of there ;).

  2. I would, but probably you have to take some new guy in your house, ‚cause a new group will arrive next week
    so think about who’s better choice 😛
    if there is noone I will stay in the „old“ house till the 15th of june. think that was the date your girlfriend is leaving right?

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