Got a Cold :(


Thanks to the rainy weather on tuesday I got a cold.  On Wednesday I stayed in bed all evening trying to get better. Hopefully I am going to be ok today. I am drinking a lot of tea (not so difficult to find tea in UK^^) spending my time on writing the blog, answering emails etc. If my recovery is going on well I will get into the City to buy a phone card and something to eat, maybe some drugs…

Anyway, my Job Interview that occured on Wednesday, was a great success. The director of Nitec was impressed by my language skills. Unfortunately he did not have my CV so I had to tell him my whole working history. But it seemed that the interview proceeded very well and I am looking forward to beginning my practical training at Nitec on monday. If you want to know about the company you can visit their website at .

So that’s it for now. Maybe I can tell you something more interesting tomorrow, because probably, I’m staying in bed today.

see you