finally, got a gym ^^

Hey mades,

Sebastian and I went to the university sports center and got a membership. We had to purchase for 3 months but I’m so happy about being able to do a workout whenever I want that I don’t really regret having spent about 75 Pounds for it. We can now use the swimming pool or go to any offered activities like the gym, squach, table-tennis or just football. There are many oportunities and I’m glad to be a member.

Work goes on slowly. Today I completed an installation of a tablet pc and implemented some software. Nothing too difficult for me. I also had to take care of deliveries coming in, for example, I’m supposed to check if anything’s missing and if the amount of packages fits. Jonny, the guy who’s also part of the workshop, said that there were currently no tasks left and even the support center had nothing to do. So….I’m just waiting for some work to come in.

I think that there is nothing interesting to tell about for today…..