Memories #3

So there we are again!

back to the things that happened in kind of a more detailed way. As I wrote I met Colin and his wife which told me that he can be a big bully sometimes and I kind of had to laugh because he is one from time to time ^^. Like this quote of him after we saw each other at the Victoria Square „Why are you here and not at home studying?“ with kind of a big grin on his face 😀

After we finished our small conversation Marlon and I headed back to the market place to find our group and I had a blast of a cuban breakfast there it was awesome and tasty!

Wandering around the market place I was meeting Emma from my work placement too with her boyfriend and we also had a quick chat about my plans for the weekend and how they are going. I was telling her that everything is fine until now but she still was worrying about my knee but it was okay that day because I didn’t do much in the whole week.

But let us continue with the shopping tour.

After we left the market place we went over to the streets around the Victoria Square where I was having a look at the 02 shop to set up my card balance for one more month and also right after that we were able to find a shop for E-Cigarettes where we asked for our components that we needed but sadly they didn’t sell it. Kind as they are they gave us some information about where we can find all that stuff we need and it was a good information even tho it was verry expensive in the end -.-“

I was also able to get my trousers that day so I felt kind of save now because i had something to wear again if one of my trousers is in the washing machine.

So far thats it for this post I hope you stay tuned to the story because it isn’t over yet! 😀

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