Close, but no banana!

On Wednesday it was the time to watch an important football game. Liverpool vs Sevilla.

And now you think about the title. If you do this I’ve done everything right with choosing this one. It means as much as you’re close to it but doesn’t get it [„Knapp daneben ist auch vorbei“]


I get there later because I was doing some sports after work but no problem at all. The first minutes of the game was boring. Tristan called it „einen müden Kick“ which you can translate verbatim as „a sleepy game“. But this change immediately after Liverpool scoring their first gal by Sturridge. It was amazing but nevertheless only a weeny stride towards the cup. Further the next minutes was quite intensive. Only Liverpool was attacking and it seems for a moment Liverpool would surely win this game. Also the real Liverpool fans behind us were happy. You can notice that if they don’t cry insults. After 45 minutes the halftime begin, who would have thought this? 🙂 So we get a new beer and so on. After the break the game turned completely. After a few seconds Sevilla scored the draw. And they doing all right what Liverpool has failed in the first time. They attack the whole time without a break and win the game at the end with 3-1. The real fans explode and insulted not only the referee. I don’t want to repeat them here. Only one guy gets home with a smile. Before the match I think he doesn’t know what Liverpool is and how important this game was but nevertheless he get a Liverpool scarf. But I’m not jealous about of him. I don’t want this scarf. But I think there are some other football-skilled people who had known what they wear at the moment. 🙂

Just a joke.

All in all I think it was a good match although Liverpool lost it.


See ya 🙂

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