One line … two lines … full house !

Did you know what I could mean with the topic? I think you will know after reading this article

Yesterday, the day is the 19/05/2016, the agency realise a new appointment for all people who visit Northern Ireland and deal with the agency. The announced a big bingo game this evening. First I was a bit sceptic about that but at the end I can see it was a very nice evening. This time there was also a German group other than us who dealt with the agency. So we had to pay attention on what we will say…

It was really nice at all. Unfortunately it was not only pity but also cruddy that Tristan and me were the only ones from a ten men or better eight pussy group who like to stay home alone and to fuck the dog. I was or better we were very disappointed not only because all other groups arrived there nearly complete excerpt us.

See ya 🙂

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