I’ve been asked for the usual!

I’ll start with a Picture 🙂

Guess where I took my lunch today

*Spoiler Alert I’ve ate by Boojum again and that was the biggest success in my life the first time in my life after just two month of hard work, sweat even blood I finally could do it. The first time in my life I was asked for the usual and I reallized that I made it oh my god that’s such a success I don’t know what to say. xD

yes I was really asked for the usual after just two month I really like and recommend the burritos of Boojum it’s very tasty and satisfying.
Let me describe „the usual“:
I allways ordered a borrito with Mexican rice, backed beans, kidney beans, chili con carne, extra meat (I forgot the name it’s the one with beef), the hot sauce cheese and sour cream.

that are my favorite incrediens for a borrito. Once I’ve order jalapenos too and I wrote a blog entry about that called „borrito of doom“ that was just a tic to spicy for me and now I’ve been asked for the usual which honesly suprised me, because I’ve nerver been asked this question even in Germany.

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